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I do not promote self-harm or any type of mental or eating disorder, I just blog about what it's like to live with mental illnesses. Not sure if recovering but I'm in treatment for many issues but mainly Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder type II, self harm and recently diagnosed with a Dissociative Disorder
Also, I reblog a big amount of cats, so be warned!!
31 days of BPD
The Mental Illness Directory

Everybody dies.
Great friendship…
I wanna be drowned in a pool full of pills…

Lolololol always
So, lately I’ve been watching some reruns of House M.D…. shame on me I never watched the show before…

And on today’s episode he goes cold turkey for his addiction and on a moment of desperation he self harms to release pain… so It made me feel better about self harming at my age… you see, it’s not something only teenagers do, it can happen at any moment in your life, it’s a desperate measure you take when there’s nothing left…

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